You’re Our Inspiration

We’ve been doing a lot of searching, researching and brainstorming around what we’re going to do with the rest of our condo. We still have a LOT of work to do throughout the place, so it was great to find a blog called Young House Love (formerly This Young House), which gave us a great idea for adding storage to our bedroom.

As you may recall, when we bought the place, the former owner had placed a large armoire in the corner and placed the bed against the wall with the window, with a bright bedspread, a look that made the room look a lot smaller than it really was.

As you saw in our other “A Place to Sleep” entry, we had decided to put the bed on the other wall to try to add a bit more of a focal point to the room as you walk in, adding depth to the room. But it left little room for storage.

Enter “This Young House” (now “Young House Love”) pastedGraphic_1.pdfand their master bedroom – where they added Ikea storage units on either side of the bed to add additional closet space, with a header above and curtains on either side to make it look like it’s built in and the bed fits nicely in the nook between. (Photo to the right courtesy of Young House Love.)

So, today we went to Ikea and priced out the wardrobes that we want with all the little components that we wanted inside and… decided to see if we could investigate other options that might be more affordable. We scampered over to Lowe’s, remembering some closet/wardrobe options that might work. But no luck there – each cabinet was either too big or too narrow. So, we’ll probably end up going with the Ikea version and just making that investment in the storage that we really need in the bedroom, despite the fact that those inside pieces start to add up much more quickly than we’d like.

Next we need to find the actual bed for our room. We’re hoping to find a platform bed with drawers underneath, to add even more storage to the room, including storage for sheets, but we haven’t found one that we like as well as the one on the side here, at a price that we can afford.

Plus, we’re hoping to do a shelf at the head of our bed so that we have a place to keep our phones plugged in at night, as well as the book I’m reading. We’ll then do swing arm lights, like the ones pictured in the inspiration photo. And, since we don’t have a window on that wall to make the inside curtains make sense, we’re thinking of putting a mirror with white gridwork to make it look like a window, which will also make the space look larger.

Needless to say, we still have a lot of steps we’ll need to take before we see the complete bedroom in real life, rather than just in our imaginations.


Organization 101

One of the things that attracted us to our condo was all of the storage possibilities. Our current apartment was not ideal for being organized or keeping things neat, particularly since it was originally rented for just one of us and not really intended for two. Besides, it wasn’t like we could re-do the closets or change much in a rental unit.

But that isn’t the case in our new condo. Which is why we’re definitely going to take the time and money to really get things organized the way we want them so that we can be sure to keep our stuff put away once we move in.

To that end, we spent hours this weekend at the Container Store, the hardware stores and Ikea, trying to figure out what our storage options might look like and how much of an investment we’d need to make in order to get everything set up.

We spent this evening tearing out the ridiculous shelf and bar that were originally in the closet (see photo above). It took us forever and may have been fairly entertaining to watch had we been on hidden camera. Each board was nailed, screwed, glued and caulked into place, along with stripped screws which held the metal brackets and closet rod in place. It was a disaster! We poked holes in the wall, bent metal brackets with our bare hands (well, at least Dan did), and FINALLY got them out of both closets. They now look like pieces of abstract art in our living room, waiting for us to figure out how to get rid of them! Once we patch up the walls, we’ll be able to install a much more useful closet system and really make use of the space!