Our First Houseguests

We had our first house guests this weekend. Dan’s friend Nick and his girlfriend came to visit and stayed for a night in our guest bedroom on our new jumbo air mattress. We met up with a bunch of my friends who were also in town for the weekend and we began a pub crawl. Poor Dan was home working the whole day and didn’t manage to get out to join us but we managed to have a pretty good time. You can see some of the good times (and the crew) above!

As you can see in the photo to the right, the air mattress takes up quite a bit of room in our guest bedroom, so we definitely need to keep that in mind when we’re figuring out how to put things together to make it a usable space the rest of the time as an office.  

Of course, we’d actually have to get the rest of the painting done throughout the condo before we have to start worrying about that part! As you can tell from the month hiatus between posts, we have been quite busy doing pretty much anything BUT working on our condo. Nikki has been doing research online, but at the moment, we’re still in brainstorm mode.