A Place to Sleep

A Brand new place to lay our heads... and the rest of us! The wait for our new Sleep Number bed is over! And now, we really have no excuse NOT to sleep at our new place... well, other than the fact that the bed is pretty much the only furniture we have over there!

A few weeks ago, we ventured north to the faraway land of suburbia (namely, Skokie) to visit the Old Orchard mall and the Sleep Number store. A few hours later we had plunked down our credit card for our first furniture purchase as a married couple and as homeowners – our new bed.

And oh! what a bed. With air chambers that move at the touch of a button, providing comfort and sleep that can only be imagined. We’re SO ready for this. We can’t wait to sleep in it – so, I think we’re going to… right now! It’s a little early, but hey – it’s a Friday – why not!?