The Secret to Kitchen Makeovers

Bet you thought we were wrapping up our kitchen makeover and just not telling you about it, didn’t you? Well, you’re wrong – we haven’t done much of anything since my last update. The secret to kitchen makeovers in our household is seeing how long we can go without one… until we finally crack and push stuff along because we just can’t take it any longer.

Or at least, that’s how I feel we’ve decided to handle it. Since my last post, we have finally gotten our contractor to come back out and look at some of the areas around the pantry door that need to be fixed (but they haven’t come out to actually fix them yet – hopefully this week). We also made the trek out to Ikea to buy our cabinets.

Both the husband and I had visions of going through the aisles in the self pick-up area trying to track down all the components of the kitchen cabinets one by one, but Ikea makes the process really easy and kitchen cabinets are part of the assisted pick-up! Which is a good thing, because there were more than 130 separate pieces and parts that we purchased to make our kitchen beautiful – toekicks, cabinets, shelves, the wonderful drawer and door closers that keep things from slamming and all of the other little pieces and parts.

We just double checked everything on our pre-designed online kitchen:

Printed out the full list, which an IKEA kitchen specialist triple-checked:
And then paid up in the kitchen area and waited for the IKEA folks to pull all of the items on the list. (We admit, we bought little tarts and had a glass of wine up in the kitchen area for part of that time). After about 30-40 minutes of exploring and dining, we headed to the assisted pick-up area, where they had everything waiting for us on four carts. (I wish I had thought to take a picture of them!)

We loaded everything up into the car we had rented and our own car (it would not have all fit in just one trip in our car), and then made the trek back into the city.

All-in-all, it took us several hours to get everything done, but since the prices of some of the more custom cabinets from the local hardware stores were nearly twice as much, and we liked the look of the IKEA cabinets, we were okay with putting in a little extra time and driving.

But those several hours were about all the progress we’ve made in the past month. Ridiculous. But hopefully the contractor will wrap up his part of the work this week, and we’ll get to laying the flooring this weekend so that we can finally get this moving along. One can only hope that we’ll finally have a kitchen again before our fourth anniversary at the end of August…please!?!


We bought a condo!


After an extremely lengthy process of looking, searching, looking and then negotiating, today we finally closed on a condo!

The process of looking, negotiating, and closing on a condo was quite an adventure for us – it seemed there was rarely a dull moment. Our realtor, Joe, was fantastic and really made the whole thing fun and a great experience, despite the craziness that occurred.

There were strange tenants, broken keys and, finally, insane sellers and their real estate agents, but we’ve finally become condo owners! We placed our initial offer on the unit on November 20, 2008 – just before Thanksgiving (the anniversary of our engagement), and we closed today slightly more than a month later.

We had our final walk through at 11:30 a.m. this morning and got to meet our seller at that point, since she was still moving out. Everything appeared to be working and in decent shape, so we headed down in the blizzard to the closing downtown. Just like everything else with our home buying adventure – things didn’t go perfectly. At the first bank we stopped at to get our final deposit check, the bank was closed due to an emergency. The second bank, fortunately, was open and after a little arguing over whether or not the money that was in my account could be withdrawn, and some confusion over my maiden/married name conundrum, I had the check in hand and we were ready to head to the closing office.

Just a few hours later – most of it waiting for the money to get final approval after arriving at the closing office – we were newly-minted home owners!

The unit has two bedrooms, a separate dining room (pictured above with seller’s furniture in it), a front patio and back deck and two things we’ve been sorely missing – a washer/dryer unit and a dishwasher! We can’t wait to finally be able to do our laundry without hauling bags and bins out to the car to the laundromat or downstairs in the cold/heat to a single washer and dryer shared by 6 other people and our dishes without having to do them all by hand.

We are so excited to move in, but first we’ve got to get the place painted – have you seen that red paint in the kitchen???——>Pasta Sauce Red Kitchen