What a Little Paint Can Do

After all the madness from Memorial Day weekend over, we thought for sure we’d be able to paint the walls over the week- and get everything squared away for laying the floor. But with Dan working 60 hours in four days, and a bit of exhaustion from our first bout, it was the following weekend before we got everything taped and ready for painting the walls.

But we did get it painted. every square inch of the kitchen was covered first with the spray painter, then the spots that needed a little more work (divots, bumps, etc.) were sanded, mudded or patched, and we did another coat on the problem areas. It was all looking gorgeous:

Ignore the shiny spots, they’re just reflections in the semigloss from the window and my iPhone camera wasn’t the best for these photos.

Except for when the tape came off:

I’ve read every contradicting opinion about peeling tape while the paint is wet, dry, semi-dry, etc. The truth is, I think I’ve tried to do it in every stage, and somehow, it just never works out for me. This time, anywhere that was taped and only sprayed, peeled perfectly – with a beautiful edge and no problems whatsoever – but near the ceiling, where I had to go over it with a brush to get a clean edge due to the angle of the sprayer, the paint stuck together in peel-able layers and caused problems like the one above.

So, the following week, I had to go back around and freehand the edge with a brush, and I was pretty successful in not painting green on the ceiling, much better with the Purdy brush than I’d done the first few times around ceilings in my condo (which is another reason why we really want to do crown molding!)

So now, we’re painted, spent a weekend last weekend relaxing, and our next steps are doing a bit of clean up with the contractor and then FLOORING!

I can’t wait to actually start putting things back INTO the kitchen!


A Chair Makeover

I forgot to take a photo of the chair as it was when I bought it, with the fabric cover on the seat, but you can see that it definitely wasn’t pretty.

But I found this really cute fun fabric at the fabric store that looked as though it was made for our kitchen area, so I wanted to redo the chair and add this fabric for the seat.

So first I sanded it down, really well. using an electric sander mostly, but digging in with my hands and some small pieces of sand paper and the Dremel for a few of the more detailed design elements. 

Then I primed it with oil-based primer, per the directions I saw on Young House Love.

Next I painted over it with fresh bright white paint. I did about 2-3 coats of the paint as I went around the chair and touched up each time.

Then I recovered the board for the seat with the fabric I found. And decided the chair needed a few extra personalized touches. So I painted my monogram on the front and blew up part of the fabric to paint onto the back of the chair:

What do you think? I think it turned out pretty well!

Chair: purchased at Brown Elephant $10
Fabric: $6/yard – 1/2 yard of fabric=$3
Primer: Bought for china cabinet/office space=$0
Paint: Bought it early for our bed project=$0
Polyeurethane: Bought early for our bed project=$0
Total: $13!

The Last Brush Strokes

Nikki had been working every night to get the rest of the painting finally done after a little bit of a hiatus on homemaking. (Hence the gap in blog posts!)

The light gray and dark gray, tone-on-tone stripes were finished in the dining room (see the photo above!) and the rich tan color made its way onto the living room walls (see the photos to the right), with the last of it being applied today! Plus, our loveseat was finally delivered as well, which means we’re definitely on our way to making our condo  a home.

You can see here how the chocolate brown couch, the white trim and the deep tan go together.

This Sunday we’re having our families over for brunch and dinner for Easter and it will be our first entertaining in our new place. We’re really excited – getting the menus set and working on unpacking a few more boxes to make it seem a little more like we’ve lived here for 3 months! (Wow!)

Now we’re into more shopping mode, looking for a TV stand, a bedroom set or bedroom pieces, office furniture and accents like curtains, rugs, chairs, lamps, scones, ceiling fans, etc.

It’s not going to be easy to find everything, but at least we’ve wrapped up the painting and can just take our time finding the right pieces to fit with our rooms.