Organization 101

One of the things that attracted us to our condo was all of the storage possibilities. Our current apartment was not ideal for being organized or keeping things neat, particularly since it was originally rented for just one of us and not really intended for two. Besides, it wasn’t like we could re-do the closets or change much in a rental unit.

But that isn’t the case in our new condo. Which is why we’re definitely going to take the time and money to really get things organized the way we want them so that we can be sure to keep our stuff put away once we move in.

To that end, we spent hours this weekend at the Container Store, the hardware stores and Ikea, trying to figure out what our storage options might look like and how much of an investment we’d need to make in order to get everything set up.

We spent this evening tearing out the ridiculous shelf and bar that were originally in the closet (see photo above). It took us forever and may have been fairly entertaining to watch had we been on hidden camera. Each board was nailed, screwed, glued and caulked into place, along with stripped screws which held the metal brackets and closet rod in place. It was a disaster! We poked holes in the wall, bent metal brackets with our bare hands (well, at least Dan did), and FINALLY got them out of both closets. They now look like pieces of abstract art in our living room, waiting for us to figure out how to get rid of them! Once we patch up the walls, we’ll be able to install a much more useful closet system and really make use of the space!