A Chair Makeover

I forgot to take a photo of the chair as it was when I bought it, with the fabric cover on the seat, but you can see that it definitely wasn’t pretty.

But I found this really cute fun fabric at the fabric store that looked as though it was made for our kitchen area, so I wanted to redo the chair and add this fabric for the seat.

So first I sanded it down, really well. using an electric sander mostly, but digging in with my hands and some small pieces of sand paper and the Dremel for a few of the more detailed design elements. 

Then I primed it with oil-based primer, per the directions I saw on Young House Love.

Next I painted over it with fresh bright white paint. I did about 2-3 coats of the paint as I went around the chair and touched up each time.

Then I recovered the board for the seat with the fabric I found. And decided the chair needed a few extra personalized touches. So I painted my monogram on the front and blew up part of the fabric to paint onto the back of the chair:

What do you think? I think it turned out pretty well!

Chair: purchased at Brown Elephant $10
Fabric: $6/yard – 1/2 yard of fabric=$3
Primer: Bought for china cabinet/office space=$0
Paint: Bought it early for our bed project=$0
Polyeurethane: Bought early for our bed project=$0
Total: $13!