Gettin’ Her Done

We’ve been searching Craigslist for a while now for pieces for our offices. We both needed desks – Dan needed a black one and I needed a white one. We also needed a large piece for the office that could hold our rather large printer, textbooks, and some CDs.

The first item we found was Dan’s desk (pictured above). We trekked out to Mount Prospect to pick up a black desk that was nice, simple and came with a set of drawers and a piece of glass to protect the top. The guy who sold it to us was a cop and he and his nephew were extremely nice and helpful. They helped us take the desk apart (it was an IKEA piece) and take it out to our car. We had agreed on $75 for the desk, which seemed to be a great deal compared to what we had been seeing other black desks sell for. When we got home it seemed to be a bit bigger than the guy told me it was, so it ended up being a bit larger than I wanted. Looking back at it a bit… we probably could have found a desk for a little bit less, particularly one that might have been a bit narrower and not take up as much of the office. Oh well… Dan likes his desk and he’s happy with the amount of space he has to work.

The next item was my white desk for the kitchen nook. I needed something that was going to fit within the nook and give me space for storage on both sides of the desk. I kept tracking Craigslist for desks and finally stumbled across a plain white desk with drawers on one side and shelves on the other side that I could fill with baskets. And… I got it for $20! [Picture Pending]

Our final purchase was a large buffet that had doors on the bottom and shelves on the top that was large enough for the jumbo printer, and everything else we might want to store within it. I had been scouring Craigslist for a piece that would fit that description and one day, Dan asked me about this piece. It was white, and for sale for $100. Unfortunately, it was also located out in Wheaton, IL. Not to be daunted, we asked for the measurements, confirmed it was two separate pieces, decided that the piece would fit in our car, and headed out there. Big miscalculation. After taking it apart and helping us lug it out to our car in the snow, the owner must have thought we were crazy for thinking it would fit, because there was simply no way. Fortunately, the guy was extremely helpful and he and his family were planning to come down to the city the next day. So we tied one half to our roof and he stuck the other half into the back of his large SUV and arranged to drop it off at our apartment the next afternoon. Thank goodness!! He even helped Dan bring it up to our condo. To thank him, I baked them a couple plates of Christmas cookies (it was just before the holidays)!

So I primed it and painted it black – and it works PERFECTLY within the space! (More on the painting in a later post!)