Our Little Condo Lemon

So, we love our condo. Don’t get us wrong. But we’re seriously tired of the millions of things that seem to manage to go wrong with our place. It’s not THAT big!

First there was the ice-maker debacle. The refrigerator won’t produce ice. There was chipping of ice at the bottom of the refrigerator, a replacement part installed, and still, no ice from the icemaker.
Then there was the cable box ice – which kept us from getting cable in January of this year, even though the next technician said it wasn’t even the issue.

And finally, there was another freezer/ice problem, which caused our freezer NOT to cool properly and we had to throw out thawed food and completely defrost our refrigerator (several times) in order to get it to work properly again.

But because of all that defrosting and moving the fridge around, we ended up breaking the water line that leads to the fridge, therefore causing a leak into the storage unit below ours and had to pay for a plumber to come out and look all around before discovering that simple problem. (and may have to pay for the drywall in the storage unit as well.)

We have a fireplace, which is a good thing – but the first time we tried to use it, we discovered the gas starter doesn’t work. (and the tile has always been hideous!)

Our unit is one of the farthest away from the boiler and our heating sensor was taken from us, so our unit is quite chilly in the winter time, particularly in our front room. We think it may partially be due to the cold air coming up from the storage units below, but mostly due to that radiator in the front not blowing out enough warm air. We need a rug and lots of blankets!

Our outdoor space is one of the prime reasons why we purchased our unit. Unfortunately, it’s also in a bit of disrepair. This has been a source of much drama (and legal review) since we moved in, but particularly since one of the beams on the other side of the building fell off our neighbor’s balcony. This one is still up in the air, but could end up being quite expensive for us, depending on how it ends up.


Put Ice On It

Our cable box - looks like that might be a problem!

The Friday before the Superbowl, we were anxiously awaiting a big day – the delivery of our brand new beautiful HD big screen TV and, shortly thereafter, the hooking up of our HD cable by Comcast. Dan had been waiting for years to buy the new TV, which was promised once we purchased a new condo and had the space for it. Unfortunately, we were foiled by the weather. Our cable box (or at least the one to which the cable outlet in our living room is hooked up), is completely encased in ice. The photo you see above marks some progress, as at least now the ice on top and below the box melted enough for us to be able to open it up and see the tangle of cables and ice that sat within. But unless we have several MORE days of warmer weather, we may be waiting until spring to get our cable connected!

Fortunately, the cable guy was at least able to connect our cable internet/phone so that we could get our security system installed the next day. It was a big weekend, just not quite as exciting as we had hoped. We will continue to keep an eye on the ice and hope that it melts faster than anticipated.

In the meantime, Dan got himself elected to the condo association board, so we are imagining that we’ll meet even more of our neighbors as we get more involved in our new home. Hopefully it won’t be quite as stressful now that the board has hired a management company to handle most of the daily issues, but at least we will know what’s going on!

We also had another issue with ice in our apartment – mainly that our ice maker failed to make ice in cubes and instead created it at the bottom of our freezer. We’ve ordered a part to see if that will help solve the problem, but we’ll have to see.