A Couch of Our Own

Yesterday, Nikki had the day off of work thanks to Presidents Day. So she set off in search of furniture with which to fill our apartment. After a long trip out ‘west’ to look at a bedroom set (in a catalog, since it turned out they didn’t have the set in stock), she headed back into the city to continue her quest for bedroom sets, couches, chairs, tables, well… you get the idea.

She stopped at several furniture stores, each one providing couches that seemed to be stuck in decades past or uncomfortable beyond belief, or bedroom furniture that would look lovely in a castle or some country inn. At long last, she stumbled upon a store that looked very promising from the windows – modern, clean lines and friendly “Sprechen sie deutsch, Mow nam Polski” signs beckoning on the glass. Not, that she actually spoke either German or Polish, but she figured the multiple European dialects might denote that the folks within might actually know something about European furniture.

She wandered around briefly before discovering a couch and loveseat set that seemed to be exactly what they had been searching for and not yet found. Clean lines, no cushions to get messy with crumbs or get pushed out over time, but still comfortable and inviting, the couch seemed to be perfect. So, after sending photos from her phone and promising the owner that she would be back with her husband, she looked at a few more stores and then made her way down to Dan’s office to pick him up and take him to see the couches.



After testing each and every seat of the couch (multiple times) Dan gave the “man of the condo” approval and we were making our second furniture purchase… ever. On Saturday, our TV will finally be accompanied by an honest-to-goodness couch! (The loveseat will follow sometime next month.) AND, to top it all off, the cable box has thawed out enough that we are expecting a visit from our friendly cable guy that morning as well. Hopefully this time it will be a successful installation, resulting in, well, actual cable!