Make Your Own Clock

A month or so ago, hubby was getting a hair cut and I decided I really wanted a smoothie. On my way to Jamba Juice, I stumbled across the Chiasso store that was in the same stripmall that I hadn’t realized was there. I was wondering around and actually found a bunch of really neat things. One thing I kept coming back to, however, was this ronaldo clock:

I loved the fact that it had the fun stripes in the “wood” and the photo frames added a level of personalization to the clock. What I didn’t like, was the $40 price tag (Items are cheaper in the store than they are online). Especially when the one in the store had screws sticking out through the front of the panels.

So I decided to do what I do and do it myself! Since I was already buying panels for my wall art project, I bought one more, slightly thinner, 2’x2’x1/4” panel, which I cut into a variety of squares and rectangles.

Which I then stained with the same Minwax Red Mahogany stain. I then printed and cut photos from our Costa Rican honeymoon to add that bit of personalization I liked about the inspiration clock. I also purchased a clock kit from the arts and crafts store. They didn’t have any with silver hands, so I also grabbed a silver paint pen (a staple from my sorority days) and colored the gold arms silver.

In another moment of inspiration, based on a passport art project from Brooklyn Limestone, I added a copy of our honeymoon passport stamp to one of the boards. A little more Modge Podge, some screws, the installation of the clock in the middle, and drawing lines for the clock later, I have an extra touch of our honeymoon in our bathroom:


A Touch of Our Honeymoon

Shower at Arenal Nayara

Though it’s a bit difficult to see from the photos below, I’ve been trying to bring a touch of our Costa Rican honeymoon into our bathroom. The outdoor shower at our hotel in La Fortuna was truly relaxing, (doesn’t Dan look relaxed in that photo?), so I’m trying to incorporate elements of that shower into our every day lives.

As you can see, I’ve already incorporated one plant in the shower area, and I’ve tried to keep the palette of the room fairly neutral, like the stone in the inspiration photo, so that I can bring in some splashes of color and more plants. I also incorporated a waterfall so you get the Costa Rican feel, even when you’re not taking a shower, and the bamboo elements through the bath accessories. I’m also planning to add more fabric to the shower curtain to add length and bring it more top to bottom. I had originally purchased a piece of brown, linen-like fabric to put on the bottom, but after re-looking at these photos, I’m thinking it might be a nice opportunity to add a splash of color, a warm orange, perhaps?
But… this is definitely the room in which we’ve made the most progress… at least so far!