The saga continues (Or: How is it February 1 and our kitchen is still not finished?)

I bet you were all expecting a final “Ta-da” here’s our brand new amazing kitchen post as the next step, weren’t you?


We have made some progress, but we had been waiting on a final decision as to what was going to happen with a few stains that we found on the edges of our countertops. See those little brown spots?

20130116-155010.jpgYeah, those weren’t supposed to be there.

And given the stains that originally delayed our installation, we presumed that these were holdovers from those stains. Unfortunately, it took at least two months and two trips from the Countertop Factory folks trying to use solvents to remove the stains before they realized that they weren’t stains at all, but rather hardened resin that was apparently the wrong color.

So, a few weeks ago, we were told they were going to take out the countertops and re-edge them to remove all of the resin. Which would have been a pain, but worth it to get rid of the spots. And two days before they were supposed to come out, they cancelled and said they wanted to try another option first. #ifeltlikepunchingsomething. After weeks of following up with them to find out what they were ACTUALLY going to do, they were finally able to send a repairman to us yesterday who painstakingly (with dozens of razor blades) chipped out each brown spot and refilled it with clear resin. It took the poor guy nearly 4 hours.

But the end result is…. a FINISHED COUNTERTOP!!! Can you believe it?


Now that I know our countertops aren’t going to be removed and we’re not going to have to find another type of countertop to replace them… I can order the backsplash tile and get moving on this $#!&!


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