Looking On The Bright(er) Side

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about the lights in our condo – mostly because we’ve not made much progress. But over the past two weekends, we’ve slowly moved forward in this department. First, we purchased a flexible track lighting system for the kitchen, so it went from small black fan that hits the cabinet door to beautiful aimed spotlight and bright light in every direction:



But we didn’t mind the small black fan – it was much more updated and modern than the rest of the lighting had been in our condo when we moved in, so we decided to repurpose it and move it into the guest bedroom. So that light went from plain blah white builder ceiling fan and light to slightly cuter black and white ceiling fan and light:

20120716-164130.jpg After
It may change yet again, someday, but I think that it’s a little more fitting there in the guest bedroom, with the black and white and blue motif than it was in the kitchen, and since that room is fairly small, it doesn’t miss the larger fan!

As I look at the lighting more closely, I’ve restarted my search for a ceiling fan/light for the living room. More on that to come.


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