Fireplace Edition

So I think I’ve decided on my next big project. I’m going to finally tackle the hideous fireplace. I’d love to do it soon, because I’d like it to be done before we start using it again. And if today’s weather is any indication, we’re going to be busting out some wood logs pretty soon! (Brrr!!!)

So, even though it looked pretty nice last Christmas:

I’ve decided that this Christmas the fireplace should actually match the walls… and the rest of the room! So I’ve been debating tiles and think that I have finally settled on the “idea” of the tile that I want.

I’m looking for a glass and travertine/stone mosaic tile in a mix of tan colors, with a bit of a dark brown or burnt red accent. And I want it to be in the long rectangular pattern, rather than half-inch squares. I like the sparkle of the glass, but I like the texture of the stone, so I think the combination will look great. Plus, thanks to my mom’s pretty awesome idea, I plan to put a matching travertine stone on the hearth and the threshold so they match but aren’t exactly the same as the tile around the fireplace.

Unfortunately, so far I haven’t been able to find exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been able to find things that are close, but not anything that’s exactly what I’m looking for yet.

Too Light:

Too Orange:

Too Pink:

Too Green:

Too Tan:

Guess I’ll just have to keep looking!


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