Make Your Own Wall Art

I wanted to add a few touches of Morocco in our living room while I wait for my custom-made rug to arrive. I have always loved the statement that Moroccan doors make – they’re so intricate and colorful and I knew I wanted to incorporate them somehow into my living room. When I saw how quickly the Youngsters made their own wall art for their bathroom, I knew I could adapt the idea to add some fun touches to our living room.

So I started with 3 panels of 2’x2’x1/2” plywood boards, which I cut (using my parents’ table saw) to 12 9”x10” panels. I then stained the panels with Minwax Red Mahagony stain, which went with the other dark woods and materials that are elsewhere in the living room. Then I searched online through Flickr and Google Images for 12 beautiful moroccan door images, which I then printed and trimmed to fit onto the panels.

I then used Modge Podge to ahere the printouts to the boards:

Put a few saw tooths on the back of the panels, nails on the wall and then…


Wall art for only $20!!!


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