Moroccan Rug Success!

As my dear hubby will tell you, I’ve been searching for a very long time to try to find a moroccan rug that will work for our living room. I want something bright and colorful that I can pull from when I add curtains and other touches to our room; something that’s going to be warm and comfortable and really pull the room together.

I spent hours with the wonderful folks at Hannoun rugs while they were here in Chicago and brought home two beautiful rugs:

Unfortunately, the one on the right was a little too narrow for the space, so we ruled that one out. The one on the left was my favorite, but my mom wasn’t crazy about the break in the middle (which made me start looking at it more closely), and there was a repair in it that drove dear hubby crazy, so back they both went to the store, sending me back to the drawing board.

After months of searching for a new alternative that would fit within our budget (rugs are so much more expensive than I ever imagined!) I was about to give up. But my husband insisted that we keep moving with the living room and I wanted the rug to be the key for the rest of the decor. Luckily, I happened upon a Fair Trade website called Kantara Crafts. Cue the sound of angels singing “hallelujah!” With options for classic, contemporary and traditional rugs, and the key option for having a rug custom made to the size you need, I had FINALLY found an option that worked! After searching through the various options, I finally settled on the Bou Itran design and contacted Alia to see how I could make one mine!

Since the rug is being custom made to the 7×9 size I needed, the company sends me photos of the rug in process:

Wahoo!!! Moroccan rug, here I come!


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