Living Room Chairs

I’d been looking for quite a while for two chairs that we could put on the other side of our living room. I was determined not to spend a lot on the chairs, because I knew I’d likely have to recover them in order to tie them into my theme, and yet I knew I wanted some nice, comfortable chairs, that would be good for reading in front of the fireplace on cold winter evenings and pulling around to the other side of the room for additional seating and creating a separate conversation area in the large expanse that is my living room. So I’d scoured the internet, looked during garage sales, and watched Craigslist on a near-daily basis.

Then, this morning, I saw these on craigslist:

A few e-mails, a change of plans and a trip to the ATM later, we were out on the street sitting in chairs that had been delivered by a woman and her mother from a model home her mother had just sold. Purchased only to be used as staging chairs, they were practically brand new and oh-so-comfortable!

So, at just $60/chair, we were sold and hauled our treasure up to our condo and placed them behind the sofa. They’re a bit taller than the back of the sofa, but I think with reupholstering, the right table in between and a lamp, they’ll add just the right touch of comfort and pizzaz that I was looking for on the other side of the room, to help separate it from the darker pieces in the main area.

Now, to look for the right fabric!


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