A Bed, A Bed I Said

We finally finished making our bed!!! And it was super easy! 🙂

Well, not quite. It took a lot of work:

And quite a bit longer than we planned… as in MONTHS (but that’s mostly because we only worked on it on weekends, took a few weekends off, and my handyman, aka my husband, was out of town for a lot more of the project than I had hoped.)

And we definitely had a few mishaps… can anyone spot the difference between the photo on the left and the one on the right that DOESN’T have to do with the paint job? I’ll give you a hint. the photos were taken from the exact same location… and yet you can see the end of the bed on the right…

That’s right, we definitely built the bed too long at first!

We built the bed using modified plans from Ana White’s Stratton Bed design. We added the drawers, adjusted the plan to remove the “wasted” space in the middle of the bed AND forgot to account for the fact that we were making each of the benches bigger, and would therefore probably need to make one a bit smaller. So, after it was all assembled, trimmed and primed, and we were nearly ready to paint (center photo), we realized that the darn thing was WAY longer than we wanted it to be! Well, time to improvise! We brought in the circular saw and hacked off a section of the top piece, which brought it nicely back down to queen bed size. Phew! Then we repositioned the trim (which we also shortened, obviously), patched a bit more and then painted:

You’ll notice we also designed and built our own bookshelf headboard. We did this because we placed the wardrobes on either side of the bed, which, while providing plenty of extra closet storage, didn’t allow us room for nightstands. The bookshelf headboard gives us the space for our alarm clock, phones, books we’re reading, a waterbottle or glass of wine, a box of kleenex, the remote for our mattress, and anything else we want to have by our bedside.

To do this, though, we had to make sure that we left a space for the motor for our bed, and holes for the plugs to run through for our alarm clock, phone chargers, etc. So we cut a hole in the front of the headboard that was high enough to reach, but low enough that it would be covered by our mattress. We also mounted two surge protectors inside on 2x4s there to keep the shelves stable. Then we drilled holes in the bottom of the two side bookshelves, which we use to run the cords through to the surge protectors.

Then, we added some finishing touches to the drawers.

Handles on the outside:

And fun colored paper on the inside:


And the end result was a heck of a lot better than this:

But you’ll have to stay tuned for the full bedroom reveal!


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