Deck the Halls

Ho! Ho! Ho!

We got back from Jamaica last weekend and it was time to buy a Christmas tree and put up our holiday decorations. I had been waiting for this moment for a really long time, since last year we hadn’t been able to put up a tree or anything since we were in the process of moving.

So as soon as Christmas decor had started popping up in the stores, I had been collecting key pieces I knew would look great in our new place.

I spotted some fun glittery letters at Target during a late-night shopping spree, so I picked up ones that said Ho, Ho, Ho; Joy and Peace in different colors. Later I picked up some interesting and pretty stocking holders from HomeGoods. The stockings say Nice on one side and Naughty on the other – you know which side’s mine and which is my husband’s!- I picked those up from Target last year after the holidays.

Then it was time for the tree. We usually went to a parking lot of trees to buy ours, but this year we happened to be at Home Depot looking for fireplace tools and wood (neither of which they had, ironically enough), and stopped to look at their Christmas trees on the roof. (Yes, you read that correctly – the fun of living in a city is that space can be at a premium, which encourages creativity!) The prices on the trees ended up being slightly less expensive than what we had been paying, so we picked one out and brought it home!

A few hours later (including a trip to Menards for more/new lights), we had a beautiful tree standing in our living room. What do you think?


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