The (not so) Entertaining Center

Remember when I mentioned that we had ordered our entertainment center and planned to travel to Woodridge that week to pick it up? Well…things didn’t quite go according to plan. (I know, you’re all shocked, I’m sure!)

That Thursday night was a wonderfully stormy evening and the hubby and I had both had very long days at work. All we wanted to do was go home and curl up on the couch and watch a movie. But we’d I’d made an appointment to pick up our entertainment center and we were I was determined to make it happen.

So after several calls to the warehouse to confirm that the pieces would fit in the car, during which I was told that they couldn’t tell me what sizes the boxes were, but that they weren’t bigger than the individual pieces (well, thanks for that Sherlock!), we proceeded down to Woodridge in our small but powerful sedan.

On the way we wandered around (iPhone GPS wasn’t our friend that evening) and finally found a Menards RETAIL store (rather than the warehouse that the phone first directed us toward) and purchased a tarp, twine and utility knife because we wanted to be sure the boxes stayed dry on the way back, since we figured we might have to tie one or two on the roof or sticking out of the trunk.

Finally, we showed up at the warehouse a mere 15 minutes before it closed and waited for them to pull our order… which came out in four GIGANTIC BOXES!!!

The guys looked at my husband and I like we were completely crazy when they wheeled out four boxes each the size of the individual sections of the entertainment center. Yes, you read that correctly, these suckers were fully assembled and wrapped in cardboard. Needless to say, there wasn’t anyway we were getting these puppies home.

So on our way we went, sans entertainment center, back to our condo to restrategize just how exactly we were going to get our entertainment center from the warehouse to our living room. After discussing the option of renting a U-Haul or other truck, we finally decided to just suck up the delivery charge and have the store bring them to us. So today, while I was out with the sister in law for a dress fitting for her wedding, my husband and his dad received the entertainment center and put it together. (Well, put the pieces together into the grouping, since obviously each piece was already fully assembled!)

Now we have this:

Instead of this:



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