The Last Brush Strokes

Nikki had been working every night to get the rest of the painting finally done after a little bit of a hiatus on homemaking. (Hence the gap in blog posts!)

The light gray and dark gray, tone-on-tone stripes were finished in the dining room (see the photo above!) and the rich tan color made its way onto the living room walls (see the photos to the right), with the last of it being applied today! Plus, our loveseat was finally delivered as well, which means we’re definitely on our way to making our condo  a home.

You can see here how the chocolate brown couch, the white trim and the deep tan go together.

This Sunday we’re having our families over for brunch and dinner for Easter and it will be our first entertaining in our new place. We’re really excited – getting the menus set and working on unpacking a few more boxes to make it seem a little more like we’ve lived here for 3 months! (Wow!)

Now we’re into more shopping mode, looking for a TV stand, a bedroom set or bedroom pieces, office furniture and accents like curtains, rugs, chairs, lamps, scones, ceiling fans, etc.

It’s not going to be easy to find everything, but at least we’ve wrapped up the painting and can just take our time finding the right pieces to fit with our rooms.


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