Plastic, priming and painting, oh my!

As mentioned in my earlier post, we were excited to start getting to work on making our condo into a home. The first order of business? Getting rid of the awful textured, sponge-painted, pasta-sauce red paint in the kitchen and nook area! As you can see by the picture above, we were anxious to start priming it away. Dan’s family was gracious enough to come up and help us patch walls, pick out the ice at the bottom of our freezer, clean the (gross) cat hair up as much as possible, and start priming away to get rid of the red paint.

We got through the first coat of primer today, which was fantastic. We’re going to go back later this weekend and finish priming and start working on some of the other rooms as well. It’s bound to be an adventure but it will look great once we get everything re-painted and start organizing and settling in. Now we just have to pick some new paint colors!


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